Stipe Miocic knocks out Daniel Cormier to retake the heavyweight title

Stipe Miocic reclaimed the UFC heavyweight title after knocking out Daniel Cormier during UFC 241 held at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. The fight ended in round 4 after Miocic landed some heavy left hooks to the body of DC and eventually knocked down DC with a straight right cross. Referee Herb Dean stepped in and stopped the fight at 4:09 of round 4.

DC was a heavy favorite going into the fight and some analysts suggested that he might have won the initial 3 rounds. DC hit Mioic with hard headshots but Miocic was able to absorb them and remained calm in the face of adversity. At the start of round 5, Miocic changed up his strategy and started attacking the body of DC. The plan worked as the body shot caused DC’s hand to drop and he got caught by a straight right to the head leading to a knockdown. Stipe continued to throw punches and eventually, Herb Dean stepped in to stop the fight as DC wasn’t able to fight back. This win leaves no doubt that Stipe Mioic is the greatest heavyweight of all time.